tft set 4 cheat sheet

TFT Set 4 Cheat Sheet

ORIGINS Cultist Once your team loses 50% of their health, Galio is summoned, slamming into the largest cluster of enemies and knocking them up. (3) Tyrant Galio (6) Demon Lord Galio (9) Supreme Overlord Galio Divine Upon attacking six times or dropping below 50% health, Divine units ascend, taking 25% reduced damage and dealing bonus true damage for …

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how to counter Syndra

How To Counter Syndra?

To counter Syndra, wait until she uses her W (Scatter the Weak) because she becomes vulnerable to attacks with no means of escape or disabling enemies. Her ultimate can burst low-health target so avoid fighting Syndra if you are low-health. If you do risk engaging her at low-health, abilities or items like Zhonya’s, Yasuo’s Windwall …

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How to counter swain

How To Counter Swain?

To counter Swain, avoid drawn-out fights and skirmishes because Swain does better the longer the battle. His ultimate lets him heal while dealing damage. Save ignite or abilities that affect healing for when Swain uses his ult. Swain’s wave clearing ability is limited to his W, which has a long cooldown. Take advantage of this …

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how to counter vi

How To Counter Vi?

To counter Vi, choose a champion with disable abilities. Abilities that silence, stun, snare, etc. can interrupt Vi’s Vault Break. When trading with Vi, do not prolong the battle. Her ‘Denting Blows’ ability reduces your armor while boosting her attack speed. Don’t use crowd control abilities on Vi while she is casting her ultimate. Her …

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