Akali Counter

Your Akali counter choices revolve around picking champions that use area of effect abilities, silences, suppressions, and reveals.

  1. If you outrange her, use your range advantage.
  2. Take adavantage of her weak early game.
  3. Pay attention to her energy levels.
  4. Play with caution when she hits level 6. Her level 6 all-in is devastating.
  5. Equip magic resistance runes.
  6. Coordinate with your team.

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Who Can Counter Akali?

If you want an easy-to-play champion to lane vs Akali, Garen is your best option. Garen does a good job of countering Akali. He wins 53.0% of matches versus Akali mains.

Akali Counter Pick:

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Tips To Consider When Playing Against Akali

  • At level 6, try to prevent Akali’s use of Mark of the Assassin, as she can proc it twice using her dashes.
  • Akali still takes hits by (area of effect) AOE abilities while inside her shroud.
  • Choosing a champion with stealth reveal abilities such as Lee Sin makes things much harder for Akali as she is not able to use her shroud as freely.
  • For other champs, try to carry a reveal ward against her so that she can’t use her shroud defensively. Or, B=buy and upgrade the oracles lens, it will negate the stealth she gains from her shroud.
  • Akali excels at level 6, punish her in the lane as much as you can before she can get her ultimate.