Ashe Counter

Ashe counter tips and play guide.

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Who Can Counter Ashe?

If you want to play unconventionally, the strongest counter would be Ziggs, a moderately difficult-to-play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 50.08%. For an easier option, Caitlyn is a good Ashe counter.

Ashe Counter Pick:

Win RatePlay Rate
Miss Fortune50.29%3.51%

Things To Consider When Playing Against Ashe

  • Play aggressively in the lane against Ashe because her Volley has a really long cooldown at earlier levels. Also, take advantage of the fact that she has no escape outside of Flash and, later on, her ultimate.
  • Ashe is really squishy and has no defensive skills. Hence, she is an easy target to gank/focus in team fights. This is especially true if you have an Assassin champion like Pyke as Support.
  • If you are worried about her ult and slows, take Cleanse. You can use it to escape her ultimate and slow.
  • She is much more threatening with a kill-lane support (e.g Pyke) than with a utilitarian (e.g Nami) one. Use counter picks accordingly to minimize the threat.
  • Also, take caution when chasing Ashe. She is one of the best kiters (in a good Summoner’s hand) in the game due to her slow. She can kite you while lowering your health and speed. She has 600 range.