Azir Counter

Azir counter picking strategies.

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Who Can Counter Azir?

Statistically, these counter picks have a Higher Win Rate in patch 11.15. The strongest counter would be Kassadin, a hard-to-play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 51.98% (Goodd) and a Play Rate of 1.28% (High).

Win RatePlay RateBan Rate
Twisted Fate48.98%0.00%0.34%

What should I play against Azir? Champions who counter Azir:

  1. Kassadin. High burst damage and pick potential to eliminate Azir on team fights; …
  2. LeBlanc. Early game dominance, higher damage and waveclear; …
  3. Vladimir. With his Q, Vladimir heals and wins every short trade; …
  4. Aurelion Sol. Early game absurd wave clear with his passive and W

Things To Consider When Playing Against Azir

  • Most Azir’s are forced to start with their W first. At level 1, their soldiers are very immobile, and so is Azir. At level 2, he’ll probably take his Q. He shouldn’t have escapes until he reaches level 3. Get an early gank to try to snowball the lane.
  • Azir’s E has a generally long cooldown. If he has dashed recently, take advantage of his escape being down. Be careful if he turns around on you. His shield gives a lot more protection than you think.
  • Do not fight Azir/his team around a destroyed tower base. Engage once his tower’s health is REALLY low, or when it dissipates. It only stays up for 1 minute and has a 3-minute cooldown.
  • Azir has to get close for his ultimate to be effective. If he’s dashing into a dangerous situation, you can assume he’s about to ult.
  • High mobility is the counter to Azir, if a champion can move around quickly Azir cannot keep his soldiers on them and they can move to safe zones while fighting him. Ahri and Fizz are examples of such champions.