Dr Mundo Counter

Dr Mundo Counter champions and strategies: Build standard, push him in, roam if possible, don’t fight him if you’re both low health, outperform him in team fights. Mundo can’t kill you unless he hits all his cleavers so he is a non-issue unless you get ganked many times and feed him.

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Who Can Counter Dr Mundo?

Dr. Mundo Counter Pick

The strongest Dr Mundo counter would be Pantheon, a moderately difficult-to-play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 51.7% which is average. Other League of Legends champions to consider playing versus Dr Mundo are: 

Win RateBan Rate

Another standard choice against Mundo is Tryndamere. He has the ability to heal himself, so Tryndamere can outduel Mundo early and bully him away from farm. Dodging cleavers is key for this matchup.

Things To Consider When Playing Against Dr Mundo

  • Be sure to take ignite when facing Dr. Mundo. Ignite significantly lowers Mundo’s health regeneration from his passive and ultimate.
  • If your team is not able to burst/damage Dr. Mundo when he activates on his ultimate, ignore him until his ultimate ends.
  • And, if Mundo plays jungle or roams, it is essential to dodge the first Cleaver to throw off his gank.
  • Also, if possible, try to slow him during chases and dodge his cleavers. If he lands more than 2 cleavers on you in a chase you won’t stand much of a chance against him.
  • Lastly, Liandry’s Torment and Blade of the Ruined King deal damage based on a target’s current and maximum health respectively, while Executioner’s Calling and Morellonomicon apply healing reductions. Work these items into your build to make yourself an effective Dr. Mundo counter.