How Does Income Work In TFT?

A crucial part of Teamfight Tactics is managing gold income (money). There are several ways to get gold in TFT. For example, through interest, selling champions, or advancing to a new battle phase.

To win the game, you have to know when to save or spend your income (gold). Here’s everything you need to know about money works in TFT.

How does Money work in TFT?
How does income work in TFT?

What Can I Do With Gold In TFT?

Gold is the only form of payment in TFT. You can use it to buy experience points, refresh your shop for new champions, and to buy champions.

How To Earn More Gold In TFT?

There are several ways to increase your income in TFT. These are the most common ways to make money in TFT:

  • Passive Income Gold
  • Monster Drops
  • Win/loss Streaks
  • Interest
  • Augments
  • Trait Bonuses

Passive Income Gold

By default, all players earn five gold through passive income at the end of each combat round. It does not matter if you win or lose the round. This passive income is the most basic way to earn gold in TFT. But, it’s not enough to help you win the game!

Monster Drops

Monsters also drop gold when you defeat them. They can also drop items and champions. You can trade unwanted champions for gold too! Sometimes, monsters drop lots of gold instead of items or champions. It would help if you tried to save this money to help gain more gold interest.


You earn interest in TFT when you save a set amount of gold and don’t spend it by the end of the round. For every ten gold you have (rounded down), you will earn an extra gold each combat round.


Teamfight Tactics augments are a way to boost the strength of your team composition or your overall chances of winning the game. For example, the Hyper Roll augment and Rich Get Richer augment are just two of many augments that boost gold income.


Some traits provide ways to earn more income in TFT. For example, in Set 5, the Draconic attribute dropped eggs. Eggs then turn into champions which you can sell for gold. And, in Set 6, the Mercenary trait provides a chest that stores loot that you collect after each win.

What Are Some Ways To Manage TFT Income?

  • Avoid spending your gold within the two rounds after defeating a monster wave. Unless, of course, you need to buy a champion for your team.
  • Grab the gold on the battlefield so that you can increase your interest tier before the round ends.
  • Sell unwanted champions to earn more money and increase your gold interest.

The Bottom Line

Spend your gold when it is beneficial to your long-term aim of winning the game. For example, if you are earning gold through a winning streak, you may spend the gold to increase your team size to maintain the win streak. In the late game, top 4, you can wisely spend your gold to re-roll and get a 3-star or Gold champions.

The key to success in TFT is to try to maintain your gold reserves as close to 50 gold as possible. This gives you the max interest, more room to re-roll, and level up in the late game. Good luck! Have fun!

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