How To Counter Ahri?

To counter Ahri, always try to avoid her Charm. Stay behind your minion wave to stop Ahri from landing her Charm. If Ahri uses her Charm and misses, take the opportunity to poke her.

Ahri’s Orb of Deception deals magic damage on the first hit and true damage when it returns – be sure to dodge it (more so when it returns).

Ahri’s ult is her secondary means of escape after Flash. If her ultimate ability is on cooldown call for a gank or try to engage her.

Ahri Counter Picks

Ahri Counter PicksWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
Twisted Fate49.81%2.22%0.29%
Champions Who Counter Ahri

Ahri Vs Fizz

Before level 6, Ahri usually has the advantage versus Fizz. But, at level 6, it becomes a match of skill. If you’re having trouble against Ahri as Fizz, try to roam and get kills from other lanes to try to get ahead


How Do You Counter Ahri’s Charm?

The easiest way to block Ahri’s Charm is to stand behind your lane minions. You can also stay behind your teammates during team fights to avoid being charmed.

How Do You Beat Ahri As Annie?

Annie is good against Ahri because Annie can stun Ahri with her charged stun (q). In the lane, poke Ahri with q and once she’s around 50-60% HP, you can go all-in with Annie’s ult, Q, W, ignite.

Video: How To Counter Ahri (Walkthrough)