How To Counter Caitlyn?

To counter Caitlyn, always play behind minions to reduce her Q’s damage. To avoid her ultimate, stand behind a teammate with more health as a shield. An instant stun, knock-up, or displacement ability can interrupt her E (90 Caliber Net).

When Caitlyn sets a trap (Yordle Trap), do not hesitate when chasing her as it takes a while before it activates. The time to engage her is when her E is on cooldown, and she has no traps placed.

If you build Zhonya’s Hourglass, only activate it after Caitlyn fires the shot for her ult. This way, her ult goes on cooldown for the full duration.

Also, avoid fighting Caitlyn when she’s in a brush. Her passive headshot ability procs faster when she’s in a bush.

Caitlyn Counter Picks

Caitlyn Counter PicksWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
Miss Fortune52.1%10.2%1.13%
Caitlyn Counter Pick Stats