How To Counter Darius?

The easiest way to counter Darius is with a ranged champion with high mobility or movement speed. For example, champions like Kennen, Kayle, Teemo, and Swain can attack and harass Darius. These champions can poke while staying out of his attack range.

Darius Is Weak Against

Darius Counter PicksWin RatePlay RateBan Rate

Does Teemo Counter Darius?

Teemo counters Darius in the early stages because of his poison and harass. But, Darius can overwhelm Teemo if the fight draws out into the mid to late game stages. The skill level of the summoner will determine whether Teemo or Darius wins the lane.

Does Kennen Counter Darius?

Kennen is a good Darius counter because he can spam his abilities to harras Darius. Kennen has the range advantage and mobility to escape Darius’ gap closer (Apprehend). The key to winning the lane is to use a passive playstyle and poking when you can.

Does Renekton Beat Darius?

Renekton is one of the better melee counters against Darius. Renekton out sustains Darius. He doesn’t depend on mana and has a heal. Darius depends on mana and has no sustain or heal in his kit. Try to time your stuns to take advantage of him when he’s low on mana.

How Do You Beat Darius Top?

The best way to beat Darius in the top lane is to use burst damage and crowd control. Keep fights as short as possible. Don’t engage Darius if he has his grab up (Apprehend). For crowd control, anything that prevents him from using his abilities is effective.