How To Counter Ezreal?

One of the best ways to counter Ezreal is to have excellent support. In the late game, focus on him if he uses his E to go all in. He has no other escape if he uses it to engage.

Staying behind minions stops his Q from hitting you. He has weak wave clearing abilities, and you can force Ezreal to farm under his tower and control the lane.

By pushing him under the tower, you force him to use his Q to wave clear. But, to do so, he needs to use a lot of mana. Thus, he’ll run out of mana pretty fast.

Ezreal Counter Picks

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Ezreal Counter Pick Stats


What Support Counters Ezreal?

Also, your support, as well as Ezreal’s support in the matchup, are crucial. Though Ezreal is weak against hard engages, if he has a disengaging champion, he can be quite hard to counter. For example, if his support is a Tahm Kench or Alistar.

For your support, you need a champion like Leona, Nautilus, or Thresh. Their crowd control abilities make it difficult for Ezreal to escape.

How Do You Beat Ezreal?

One way to beat Ezreal in lane is to have aggressive support champions like Leona, Blitz, Alistar, or Taric. The crowd control abilities of these support champions make it difficult for Ezreal to escape.