How To Counter Jhin?

To Counter Jhin, avoid his 4th auto-attack. It deals the most damage. Jhin’s basic attacks are slow, so he can’t out trade most other ADC champions. It’s the 4th basic attack that you have to look out for.After Jhin uses his 4th basic attack, harass him as he can’t attack while he’s reloading.

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If Jhin manages to auto-attack you, get ready to dodge his W. If he lands his W after a basic attack, it roots your champion. Also, look out for his traps. Jhin’s traps are visible for one second after he places them. Try to keep in mind the areas he set them. This way, you can avoid them.

Jhin can stack his traps with his other abilities to deal massive damage to your champion .Avoid standing near your minions when trading with Jhin. His Q can bounce off minions and do damage to you. It deals more damage the more minions it kills (up to 3X) .His W can also strike you through minions. So, they are not a barrier between you and Jhin.

Jhin’s ultimate ability has a long-range, but it is hard for him to aim and hit you. Save your escapes for when he ults to get out of range. Each shot from Jhin’s ult takes about 1-1.5 seconds to fire. Allies can block shots to protect low health teammates.

The 4th shot always crits. The first three shots deal little damage to full health targets. So, always try to dodge that 4th skill shot. Luckily, Jhin cannot move during his ultimate. If close by, you can sidestep or flash out of the range and attack him.

Do note that he can cancel his ult at any time. So weigh your options.Jhin depends on his traps or root to get away from or catch up to enemies. Both of which, most players can avoid. With no escapes, Jhin is an easy target for ganks by your jungle or an assassin champ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Beat Jhin?

Jhin lacks mobility. He has few ways to escape outside of using flash and well-placed traps. Take advantage of his immobility by asking for ganks and applying pressure to the lane if you are ahead. However, be careful when he uses his ultimate. The final shot deals more damage than the first three shots. But, he is unable to move while casting his ultimate.

Does Caitlyn Counter Jhin?

Caitlyn does outrange Jhin in auto-attacks, but Jhin has higher burst damage and CC abilities due to his W or Ult. Both are formidable in a lane, so it’s which summoner is more clever and who has better support.