How To Counter Kai’Sa

When playing against Kai’Sa, the best way to counter her is to wait for her stacks to go away before you engage her. Kai’Sa’s most significant counters are ADC’s that out-range her. Caitlyn and Kog’Maw can bully Kai’Sa in a lane.

Aggressive support can help control Kai’Sa in the lane. Kai’Sa does not have any real escape outside of using Flash.

If your support can stun/knock-up her, then you have an excellent chance to defeat her. Pressure from the jungler can also set Kai’Sa back.

Draven can all-in Kai’Sa and overpower him. In a 1vs.1, his damage output is higher than hers, and he can win the trade.

Kai’Sa Counter Picks

Kai’Sa Counter PicksWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
Kai’Sa Counter Pick Stats
  • Stay close to your minions during a battle so that Icathian Rain won’t strike you.
  • Avoid Void Seeker to stop Kai’Sa from attacking your backline with Killer Instinct.
  • If Kai’Sa hits you with four stacks of Plasma, do not engage, her passive rupture deals more damage at low health.
  • Kai’Sa lacks an escape ability, but she can still disengage with Supercharge. Quick follow-ups can be vital to keeping her in check.
  • Kai’Sa is good at defeating single enemies. If you group with your teammates, it will make it difficult for her to assassinate you.
  • Her abilities work in tune with her items. Keep an eye on the items that she builds to understand her playstyle.