How To Counter Lee Sin

To counter Lee Sin, never chase him because he has many ways to escape using his abilities. If he’s in the jungle, set wards to know his position as he is good at ganks and counter-jungling.

Lee Sin Counter Picks

Lee Sin Counter PicksWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
Xin Zhao50.74%2.17%0.29%
Dr. Mundo53.13%1.43%0.38%
Lee Sin Counter Pick Stats
  • Never group up when playing against Lee Sin. His ultimate can knock-up all allies.
  • If Lee Sin tags you with his Sonic Wave, do not waste your escape because he can flash to where you are using his Ionic Wave. Use your getaway after he dashes to you.
  • If Lee is behind you and is about to ult you into his teammates, flash behind him, and he will kick you away from his team.
  • Lee Sin’s abilities make him resilient to physical damage, so attack him with magic damage.
  • His success rate depends on him landing his combos. Crowd control abilities can interrupt him once you can time them right.

Who Goes Well With Lee Sin?

Lee Sin Is Good WithWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
These champions are good to pick with Lee Sin.

The following champions work well when played with Lee Sin:

Popular Picks Vs Lee Sin

The most often picked champions vs Lee Sin:

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