How To Counter Lucian?

The best way to counter Lucian is to pay attention to his ult at level six. Lucian can use his ultimate while he moves. He can use it to kite and deal damage to you.

Lucian’s damaging abilities all have a long-range, but they are skill shots. The key to winning against him is to have good awareness and dodge his abilities.

His Q passes through minions, so it’s best to stay at the side to avoid unnecessary damage. For instance, if Lucian is on the left side of the creep, stand on the left as well to prevent his Q from damaging you.

Lucian Counter Picks

Lucian Counter PicksWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
Lucian Counter Pick Stats

Caitlyn is a good ADC and can lane against Lucian with ease. Her long auto-attack range lets her poke Lucian while remaining safe.

Kalista can kite Lucian in a 1v1 trade. She can also deal a lot of damage using her Rend. Her passive ability also counters Lucian’s ultimate.