How To Counter Master Yi?

To counter Master Yi, choose a champion that can silence, stun, or otherwise disable his Meditate. Slows won’t work on Yi during his ultimate, but disables do! If Master Yi deals lots of damage in short periods, consider getting Thornmail.

Master Yi Is Weak Against

Master Yi Counter Picks Win Rate Play Rate Ban Rate
Jax 48.8% 3.64% 1.07%
Skarner 51.76% 1.02% 0.27%
Warwick 53.68% 3.94% 0.44%
Nunu 0.00% 0.56% 0.00%
Sejuani 51.78% 3.76% 0.37%
Kha’Zix 50.92% 5.07% 0.65

Video: How To Counter Master Yi


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