How To Counter Poppy?

To effectively counter Poppy, avoid being next to walls to stop her Heroic Charge from stunning you. Use disable abilities when Poppy starts channeling her ultimate. This way, you can interrupt it and stop her crowd control. You can usually tell when Poppy is about to use her ult as you’ll see her spinning her hammer.

How To Play Against Poppy?

Poppy is best at short skirmishes. Being a hybrid tank/bruiser, Poppy depends on her crowd control abilities to deal damage. Poppy’s passive ability grants her a bit of a damage boost and a shield if she can get to her buckler.

Poppy’s Q can slow champions. It’s best to move out of the slow zone, or you’ll receive double damage (%HP). However, her Q is a skill shot, and she can miss it.

Much like Vayne, Poppy’s E ability can pin you against walls. If it does pin you against a wall, you take double the damage. Her Q will also deal double damage if you get pinned. So, avoid playing near structures.

Which Champions Counter Poppy?

The best Poppy counters are Juggernauts. Most of the time, these champions can win the lane and out scale her in the late game. Examples include:

Tiamat is a good item to build on a hyper-carry to counter Poppy. Champions that come to mind are:

  • Gangplank
  • Fiora
  • Tryndamere

Poppy Counter Picks

Poppy Counter PickWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
Tryndamere 47.84%2.45%0.82%
Teemo 52.15%2.24%0.58%
Akali 43.77%1.68%0.79%
Irelia 45.65%2.82%0.68%
Vladimir 51.81%3.22%2.24%
Darius 52.81%5.53%5.24%
Poppy Counter Pick Stats