How To Counter Swain?

To counter Swain, avoid drawn-out fights and skirmishes because Swain does better the longer the battle. His ultimate lets him heal while dealing damage. Save ignite or abilities that affect healing for when Swain uses his ult.

Swain’s wave clearing ability is limited to his W, which has a long cooldown. Take advantage of this and choose a champion that has faster wave clear and force Swain to play safely under his tower.

Swain Is Weak Against

Swain Counter PickWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
Jarvan IV50.93%6.62%0.43%


Video: How To Counter Swain

How do you lane against Swain?

The best thing to do when laning against Swain is to not get hit by Nevermove and engage after Swain throws his bird. At level six, pay attention to Swain’s ultimate and his mana. If Swain stops his ult, there’s an 18-second cooldown. Take advantage of this cooldown and try to deal some damage.