How To Counter Vayne?

The best way to counter Vayne is to stay away from walls, as Vayne’s Condemn can stun you if it knocks you into a wall. When playing ADC against Vayne, aggressively play before she gets to level 6. At level 6, Vayne gets a power spike. Excellent support will also affect your chances of countering Vayne in the lane.

For example, If Vayne is in the lane with support with high CC, for instance, Blitz, Alistar, or Thresh, your support must ward the bushes because if any of those support champions CC you, a good Vayne player will “Condemn” you into the wall. Even when playing the best Vayne counters, you need to be careful when playing against her.

An excellent way to prevent Vayne from getting the upper hand during her ult is to upgrade the Sweeper Trinket as soon as possible. With it, you can reveal her for 8 seconds every 60 seconds, without spending gold on pink wards.

Which Champions Counter Vayne?

Vayne usually struggles against champions with more extended range or crowd control abilities. For example, Caitlyn or Tristana. Here’s a list of champions to use against Vayne:

  • Caitlyn
  • Quinn
  • Draven
  • Twitch
  • Miss Fortune
  • Tristana
  • Ashe
  • Varus

Vayne Counter Picks

Vayne Counter PickWin RateBan Rate
Miss Fortune52.1%1.13%
Vayne Counter Pick Stats

Does Vayne Counter Lucian?

Lucian can counter Vayne in a lane in the earlier phases of gameplay. However, it all depends on the synergy with his support.

Lucian’s Q is difficult to land because he needs a target directly in front of him to use it, making it easy for the other player to determine when you intend to poke. Additionally, Vayne can Tumble out of its range, creating an opening for her to land a hit while preventing yours.

Vayne is also a better duellist than Lucian. She will most likely win duels, even more so in the late game as Vayne out scales Lucian.

You have to focus on farming. Vayne gets a substantial power spike after 6 with Blade of the Ruined King. Most of your trades should be pretty short like a Q, auto, and back off when he goes to cs. Depending on the support he has, you will have to respect their cc. But on the same note, don’t be afraid to trade if your support gets a bubble or stun or some kind of trade. You have to be good at last hitting under the tower also as they push into you, you can auto the creeps to thin the wave before it gets to tower so that you don’t lose as many.

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Items To Counter Vayne

The following information is useful for preventing Vayne from dealing lots of damage to you. It is especially helpful if you’re a tank or playing top lane.

 To counter Vayne as a tank, build items that reduce her attack speed (Randuins Omen, Frozen Heart) and use weapons that increase your max hp and regeneration like Warmog’s.