How To Counter Zed?

Zed players usually abuse his Living Shadow ability. To counter Zed, try to call for a gank timing his cooldowns. Zhonya’s Hourglass can also help mitigate Zed’s high burst damage if he’s stomping you in the lane.

Zed is an assassin champion. Most of his damage is physical, so some armor can help keep his damage low. If you use flash, the best time to do so is after his shadow lands on you. Do not use flash while Zed is invulnerable.

Save dash or abilities that make you un-targetable for after Zed uses his ult. You can escape most of his combo when you use your dash or become un-targetable.

Ryze Counter Picks

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Zed Counter Pick Stats

Does Zed Counter Talon?

Zed is stronger in early in the game. But, Talon can beat Zed once he hits level six. The key is timing. Zed ults and Talon ults. Talon escapes Zed’s ult and uses his combo to beat Zed. It’s a matter of which champion ults first. The first to ult typically lose if the opponent is a good player.