How To Get Gold Champions In TFT

To get gold champions in TFT, you must first level up your 1-star champions to 2-star champions. To do this, you buy 3 of the same 1-star champion.

To level up a 2-star champion to a 3-star champion, you need to buy 6 of the same 1-star champion.

This gives you 2 new 2-star champions. The two 2-star champions then transfer to your current 2-star champion to make a gold champion.

Darius 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star - Teamfight Tactics.
Darius 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star.

Get Gold Champions: Ashe (Example)

To level up Ashe to 3 stars, for example:

  • Buy 2 Ashe champions. Each Ashe champion is level 1. Once you buy another Ashe, all 3 combine to upgrade to a single Ashe level 2.
  • Repeat. Buy 3 more Ashe champions and they also automatically combine into an Ashe level 2. Now you have 2 Ashe champions at level 2.
  • Repeat. Buy 3 more Ashes. They automatically upgrade into a level 3 Ashe. Since you already have 2 Ashes level 2, you now have 3 Vaynes level 2 in total. They automatically level up to a level 3 Ashe.

Things To Consider

For example, two Ashes. One with a recurve bow and one without. In the shared draft, you pick up another Ashe with a recurve bow. These Ashe champions combine into a level 2 Ashe with a Rapid Firecannon.

If there are 2 champions in the store of the same type and you already own a level 1 version of that champion, purchasing either of the two automatically upgrades your champion into a level 2 champion. That is, if you have enough gold for it do so.

Other things to consider are the drop rate and pool size of champions. To read more about this, see the information provided in the section below.