[SOLVED] Play Different Classes TFT Mission – Easy Guide

To complete the play different classes TFT mission, you must have the champions of different classes on the board. For example, Diana (Assasin), Dr. Mundo (Berserker), and Yasuo (Blademaster) count as 3 different classes.

Play Different Classes TFT

However, one Diana does not trigger a point in the mission. You MUST activate the class bonus to trigger the trait to get the point for the quest. Thus, you need 3 Assasins. Diana, Nocturne, and Qiyana, for example.

Teamfight Tactics Classes

Alchemist Units

Alchemists ignore unit collision and never stop running. Alchemist units:

  • Singed (5-cost) Alchemist + Poison

Assassin Units

Assassins increase their crit damage and crit chance. Assassin units:

  • Diana (1-cost) Assassin + Inferno
  • LeBlanc (2-cost) Assassin + Mage + Woodland
  • Nocturne (3-cost) Assassin + Steel
  • Qiyana (3-cost) Assassin + Variable
  • Kha’Zix (4-cost) Assassin + Desert
  • Zed (5-cost) Assassin + Electric + Summoner

Avatar Units

An Avatar’s origin element is counted twice for trait bonuses.

  • Lux (7-cost) Avatar + Variable

Ten copies of Lux will appear in each game; they are of the following origins: Glacial, Cloud, Electric, Woodland, Ocean, Crystal, Steel, Inferno, Shadow, or Light.

When you buy a Lux, all other copies of Lux in your shop will match that particular element.

Berserker Units

Beserkers have a passive that causes them to jump to the nearest enemy (sort of like the opposite of assassins). They have a chance to hit all units in a cone with their attacks. Berserker units:

  • Renekton (1-cost) Berserker + Desert
  • Jax (2-cost) Berserker + Light
  • Volibear (2-cost) Berserker + Electric + Glacial
  • Dr. Mundo (3-cost) Berserker + Poison
  • Sion (3-cost) Berserker + Shadow
  • Olaf (4-cost) Berserker + Glacial

Blademaster Units

Blademasters have a 40% chance to attack additional times. Blademaster units:

  • Yasuo (2-cost) Cloud + Blademaster
  • Aatrox (3-cost) Blademaster + Light
  • Sivir (3-cost) Blademaster + Desert
  • Master Yi (5-cost) Blademaster + Mystic + Shadow

Druid Units

Druids regenerate 40 health each second. Druid units:

  • Ivern (1-cost) Druid + Woodland
  • Maokai (1-cost) Druid + Woodland
  • Neeko (2-cost) Druid + Woodland

Mage Units

After casting a spell, Mages have a chance to double cast. Mage units:

  • LeBlanc (1-cost) Assassin + Mage + Woodland
  • Taliyah (1-cost) Mage + Ocean
  • Vladimir (1-cost) Mage + Ocean
  • Syndra (2-cost) Mage + Ocean
  • Veigar (3-cost) Mage + Shadow
  • Brand (4-cost) Inferno + Mage

Mystic Units

Mystic gives all allies increased Magic Resist. Mystic units:

  • Soraka (3-cost) Light + Mystic
  • Janna (4-cost) Cloud + Mystic
  • Master Yi (5-cost) Blademaster + Mystic + Shadow
  • Nami (5-cost) Mystic + Ocean

Predator Units

Any damage a predator deals to an enemy below 20% HP will execute them. Predator units:

  • Kog’Maw (1-cost) Poison + Predator
  • Warwick (1-cost) Glacial + Predator
  • Rek’Sai (2-cost) Predator + Steel
  • Skarner (2-cost) Crystal + Predator

Ranger Units

Rangers have a chance to double their attack speed for the next 3 seconds. Ranger units:

  • Vayne (1-cost) Light + Ranger
  • Varus (2-cost) Inferno + Ranger
  • Ezreal (3-cost) Glacial + Ranger
  • Kindred (3-cost) Inferno + Ranger + Shadow
  • Ashe (4-cost) Crystal + Ranger
  • Twitch (4-cost) Poison + Ranger

Summoner Units

Summoners buff their summoned units with increased health and duration.
Summoner units:

  • Zyra (1-cost) Inferno + Summoner
  • Malzahar (2-cost) Shadow + Summoner
  • Azir (3-cost) Desert + Summoner
  • Annie (4-cost) Inferno + Summoner
  • Yorick (4-cost) Light + Summoner
  • Zed (5-cost) Assassin + Electric + Summoner

Warden Units

Wardens increase their total armor. Warden units:

  • Nasus (1-cost) Light + Warden
  • Ornn (1-cost) Electric + Warden
  • Braum (2-cost) Glacial + Warden
  • Thresh (2-cost) Ocean + Warden
  • Nautilus (3-cost) Ocean + Warden
  • Malphite (4-cost) Mountain + Warden
  • Taric (5-cost) Crystal + Warden