Tips to rank up fast in Apex Legends ranked play

There are multiple ranks available in Apex Legends ranked mode, ranging from the Bronze to Apex Predator. To climb up the ranks, there are certain ranking points you should be able to reach. Furthermore, each new rank you climb comes with unique rewards.

In this guide, we’ll be sharing 5 tips that will help you climb up the ranks faster than you naturally would. Use the Best Apex Legends Hacks if you run into any difficulties playing the ranked mood or other moods in Apex Legends.

Tips to rank up fast in Apex Legends ranked play.

5 tips to rank up faster in Apex Legends Ranked Mode

  1. Start in isolated locations

If you want to climb up the ranks, you must gather enough RPs (ranked points). The best way to do this is by staying alive long enough to secure kills or high placements. Staying alive entails two things – you’re a skillful player, or you’ve stayed away from as many fights as possible.

If you lack the skills required to survive fights, we advise that you should avoid fights. Landing in secluded locations where you’ll hardly find an opponent is a good way to save your neck. Furthermore, you get to gather enough loots to suffice for the RPs you spent for the game.

  1. Adjust your sensitivity settings

If you want to make sure everything contributes to your success in the game, your sensitivity setting is important. With a higher sensitivity, you can make quick movements, but your ability to track or aim will be significantly reduced. 

If you must play with high sensitivity, then you must have a subpar accuracy with your shots. For your sensitivity, we recommend an ideal DPI ranging between 400 and 800. Once you’re able to get that right, you’ll reduce the incidence of mistakes caused by a very fast or very slow sensitivity.

  1. Your team composition matters

Apex Legends has gameplay that revolves solely around team play. If you can’t flow well with your team, this will translate to your main game and goes a long way in determining your failure. So, you must find a team that you feel comfortable playing with.

A quick tip is that you find team members that you can consistently play with over a long period. The longer you spend playing with a particular set of team members, the more compatible you guys get with yourselves. Mind you; this doesn’t mean that you restrict yourself to a particular set of teammates. Make sure you have an extra 2 or 3 for substitution – shit happens.

  1. Character roles and balancing

Imagine playing in a team where all the players are using the same characters and have the same set of abilities. Such a team will fail badly if they get caught in a situation where they require an ability from a different Legend. Balanced team compositions can contain Legends such as Bloodhound, Gibraltar, and Octane.

Octane helps the team to move between different locations fast and also helps with rotation. You can also saddle Octane with the responsibility of leading raids. Gibraltar, on his part, provides the team with a solid badass defense. Caustic can also come in as a ready substitution for Gibraltar as he plays pretty much the same role.

  1. Get familiar with the weapons in the game.

You’ll need to get familiar with the weapons available on Apex Legends to be versatile in various combat situations. To go about this, a good place to start is the multiplayer section. You can select the 5v5 game mode, where you can play with all the different weapons available on Apex Legends.

This gives you a chance at getting to learn about the mechanics associated with each weapon. You can also learn each gun’s recoil pattern and what attachments work best with each of the guns. Once you have been able to achieve this, it becomes easier to secure kills and climb up the ranks.


Apex Legends gives you a pretty enjoyable experience, especially if you don’t get killed right at the beginning. Since the fun will be of no use if you don’t climb up the ranks, take the time to study this guide. 

More importantly, Apex Legends balances team play and character abilities a lot. Get yourself a good team where you can consistently play your matches with the right Legend composition. Lastly, get your settings right and avoid unnecessary fights.

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