What Is Interest In TFT?

To complete a weekly challenge in TFT, you need to earn 50 interest in a single game. In Teamfight Tactics, you collect interest for every 10 gold you have.

TFT calculates Interest at the end of every round. For every 10 gold you have, you earn +1 gold. So if you have 50 gold, you earn 5 gold in interest.

The best way to earn the most interest in a game is to save as much gold as possible by only leveling core champions. The ones you plan to build and use.

The mission “Earn 50 interest in a single game.” helps teach you to manage your gold, maximizing your gold intake and knowing when to spend it at the right moments.

Tips To Gain TFT Interest Fast

  • To hit your interest thresholds as soon as possible, don’t buy too many units outside of your core champions.
  • Don’t level up before you reach 50 gold. Ignore the prompt that the game gives you, prompting you to buy XP to level up.
  • Sell extra units that could get you to the next interest threshold. Do so using champions you don’t need.


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