How To Counter Ekko?

To counter Ekko, you must always pay attention to his ult cooldown and afterimage. Ekko players usually build Zhonya’s Hourglass to set up combos with his ultimate.

If Ekko is low on health and has his ult ready, use your ignite. When you use ignite right before he ults, it lowers the amount of health he recovers after his ult.

If Ekko uses his Timewinder and it is on cooldown, take the opportunity to poke him if he missed. But do not engage if he hit you. In that case, wait for his stacks to wear off. Timewinder deals more damage on the second hit.

Ekko Counter Picks

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Ekko Counter Pick Stats
  • Champions with a stun or silence can interrupt Ekko’s ult. Disable him when he’s low-health before he uses it and all-in to beat him. Ekko is weak against crowd control abilities.
  • Avoid playing in groups because Ekko has three skills that deal area of effect damage.
  • Never dive an Ekko under a tower.
  • Always try to dodge Timewinder or Parallel Convergence to stop Ekko from poking you.
  • His stun and shield have long cooldowns. After he wastes them, call for a gank, or use the opportunity to beat him if you can.