How To Counter Diana?

To counter Diana, always try to dodge her Crescent Strike. Once you avoid it, you lower the damage she deals (especially at level six).

As for Diana’s shields, they don’t last long. When playing against her, wait for her protector orbs to wear off before you engage.

Champions with knock-ups and displacement abilities are useful for interrupting Diana’s ultimate. For example, Blitzcrank’s Q or Tristana’s R.

How Do You Play Against Diana?

Dodge her Q! Most of her damage relies on Diana hitting her Q. As long as you aren’t too close to her, you can dodge it. Her Q always curves counterclockwise. So, you know which direction it’s going to land.

Engage when her abilities are down. Diana has skills to reduce your damage in short trades. Her W shields her, and she can start a fight and escape if needed (her Q + E).

When she uses her W, be sure to wait for it to wear off then attack her. Never try to damage her while the shield is up. When she uses her E without a reset, consider whether your all-in can defeat her.

Diana Counter Picks

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How Do You Counter Diana Mid?

To counter Diana in the mid lane, use a bruiser, assassin, or control mage. Bruiser champions counter Diana best. Think top lane champions like Darius or Riven. Control mages like Veigar and Ahri are also good Diana counters.

How Does Yasuo Counter Diana?

  • The most important thing to know is that Diana can only reset her ultimate if she first hits you with her Q.
  • As Yasuo, you must time your Wind Wall ability to counter Diana’s Q.
  • You also don’t want to trade while her shields are up. Wait for them to drop then attack.