How To Counter Ryze?

Ryze can duel and win with most champions. To counter him, try to avoid fighting Ryze unless you have the advantage. In team fights, focus on Ryze first because he can deal massive damage to your team. His Spell Flux (E) can bounce off of him. So, be careful if trading with him while using a melee champion.

In the early lane phase, pre-six, he has limited wave-clear potential. He is weak against champions with strong pushing capabilities.

Ahri, Talon, and Ekko can win early-game because they can deny Ryze farm. Champions like Anivia and Veigar are good for zoning as well.

Ryze Counter Picks

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Ryze Counter Pick Stats

Who Beats Ryze?

The best counter to Ryze would be Malzahar. Malzahar is an easy to play champion with a Win Rate of 51.42%. His Play Rate is 2.1%.


Video: How To Counter Ryze In Top Lane