How To Counter Pantheon?

To counter Pantheon, pay attention to where he is about to land. You can cast skill shots in that direction to bind/stun him.

Never engage Pantheon when your champion is low health. His auto-attacks gain a 100% critical chance when he targets enemies below 15% health.

His passive allows him to block any auto-attack and even tower shots. Try to engage him when his passive is on cooldown. To know when Pantheon is about to use his ultimate ability is to look out for a red circle that appears on the ground.

Pantheon Counter Picks

Pantheon Counter PicksWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
Jarvan IV50.93%6.62%0.43%
Pantheon Counter Pick Stats

How Much Does Pantheon Cost?

Pantheon Basic Info
Cost3150 BE/790 RP
Pantheon Cost


Does Pantheon Counter Fiora?

Pantheon is hard to play against as any champion. Pantheon counters Fiora even more because his passive is a direct counter to the vitals her passive procs.

The safest route here is to play safe, farm, and not feed Pantheon any kills. Call for ganks from the jungle and wait till the later levels to overpower him.