How To Counter Fizz?

To counter Fizz, try not to engage him when you’re low on health. Fizz deals more damage to opponents with low health.

To help against his ultimate, use a Quicksilver Sash or build a Zhonya’s Hourglass. Banshees Veil can also negate most of the damage from Fizz’s combo.

If Fizz uses Playful/Trickster to engage in a team fight, focus him as he has little means to escape.

Fizz Counter Picks

Fizz Counter PicksWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
Champions Who Counter Fizz
  • Fizz likes to hop in and out of a fight to wait for his cooldowns. Try to take advantage of the time when his abilities are on cooldown.
  • Fizz will try to dodge your ability by using his E to jump to you and going for his combo. To use his E, he spends about 1/3 of his mana pool. Use this to your advantage if he misses his combo.


Fizz vs Ahri

In a Fizz vs. Ahri matchup, your best chance is for Ahri to land her charm to disable Fizz and drop her combos. Save Ahri’s ult to escape Fizz’s ult.


Fizz vs Kassadin

Fizz has a hard time against Kassadin. Health potions allow Kass to survive and out-sustain. Kassadin’s Q and passive help negate Fizz’s damage. At level six and above, Kass out scales Fizz. Fleet footwork or Grasp of the undying help Kassadin out trade Fizz.


Ryze vs Fizz

Ryze needs a mana boost to help play against Fizz. Building Catalyst early can help. Use Ryze’s ult to dodge Fizz’s ult by channeling Ryze’s ult right before Fizz’s ult hits him.

The most important thing to do is to pay attention to Ryze’s mana. Take every chance you get to poke Fizz and use your E less to conserve mana.

If you can avoid Fizz’s E, Q, E combo, wait a bit for his E to go on cooldown. Then, use Ryze’s combo to turn the fight in your favor.