How To Counter Pyke

The best counter is Nami. She is somewhat challenging to play, but she currently has a win rate of 53.83%, which is good. To counter Pyke, you need a support champion with CC.

Nami has a stun and a slow. She also has a heal, which allows her ADC to survive longer in the lane. Pyke is squishy and he needs to all-in or nothing. If Nami lands her stun Pyke is easy to beat. Or, you can take the chance to beat the enemy ADC.

Pyke Counter Picks

Pyke Counter PicksWin RatePlay RateBan Rate
Champions Who Counter Pyke

Pyke is a good support champion because he is able to roam and help other lanes. He is also an assassin champion. So, if other lanes, like mid-lane, has no escape, Pyke can gank and secure a kill with ease then return to bot lane.

  • Pyke’s R circumvents shields, so it only takes into account base health.
  • Pyke’s R is an execution ability if you’re low recall or heal.
  • You can dodge Pyke’s ult by using flash or dash abilities.
  • Pyke’s Q has to charge, so you have time to dodge it.
  • Pyke’s W makes him invisible, so revealing wards can spot him.
  • Pyke can use his E to stun his target before executing them with his ultimate.